What are the requirements for renting a vehicle?

You must have a valid driver’s license with minimum G equivalent and be a minimum of 25 years of age. Depending on the type of vehicle you select, a security deposit may be required, which will be reversed upon return of the vehicle.

Are any manual cars available for rental or test drives?

Our fleet includes automatic/paddle shift vehicles only.

Can I cancel a Test Drive and Track Day once booked?

We can help to reschedule test drives and track day events.

Can I cancel an Exotic Car Rental once booked?

Booking cancellations must be made at least 5 days prior to the event. If you cancel your booking less than 5 business days before your specified pick-up time, you will lose your deposit.

If you cancel your booking with sufficient notice, your deposit can be used as credit towards future rentals.

Can I bring a friend along for a test drive?

Not all vehicles allow for additional passengers; however, we do have options available where you can bring a friend along for the ride for an additional charge of $80.00. Contact us to find out more!

Are any of the vehicles modified?

We like to give our customers the most authentic and exciting experience possible, so some of our vehicles have been modified for extra horse power and speed. Contact us to find out more!

Can I rent a supercar in the winter?

Winter rentals are available (weather permitting). However, if there is any precipitation that can result in unsafe driving conditions, vehicles will not be rented out.

Can I use my own insurance?

If your insurance provides adequate coverage, you are permitted to use it. However, you must provide proof that a sufficient amount of coverage has been added for the full MRSP value of the vehicle.

Can I rent a vehicle in rainy conditions?

Rainy conditions are not a problem unless the temperature dips so low that it becomes hazardous for driver (for example, freezing rain/flash freezing).
If driving conditions are unsafe, vehicles will not be rented out.

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